African Library Project

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thumb3The Magic of Harambee!

This year on 9/11, the African Library Project held its first fancy fundraiser and celebration, called "Harambee!"  The word Harambee means "let’s pull together" in Swahili, and that's exactly what we did!

thumb_africanLibraryProjectSquareLogoNewsletter 2009 (.pdf)

Our last printed newsletter celebrated an outstanding year for the  African Library Project.

pdf view 2009 newsletter

thumb3ALP Sponsors the Baobab Prize for African Literature.

While many children may be familiar with the tales of King Arthur or the adventures of Harry Potter, not many of them could tell you a tale set  in Africa. The Baobab prize hopes to change that!

thumb4 Salem Symphony collects over 50,000 books.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Winston Salem Symphony Orchestra mobilized the entire community to create 48 beautiful libraries in Botswana. Now THAT is music to our ears!

7steps_thumbAfter the Books Arrive ... the Work Begins!
Seven Big Challenges to Creating Sustainable Libraries

In the US, our book drive organizers do a great job of collecting books and getting them to Africa.  But… then what happens?

marilynYou're Never Too Old (or Young) to Organize a Book Drive!

Book drive organizers Serena Kapoor and Marilyn Walters are both passionate about books and community service. But there is one big difference ...